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Whiplash and its Connection to Brain Injury

By Butler Prather LLP on November 17, 2021

Whiplash is one of the most common types of injuries that occur as a result of a vehicle accident, though this injury can certainly occur in other ways as well. However, what many people do not realize is that whiplash can cause concussions and more severe traumatic brain injuries. Here, we want to examine the connection between whiplash injuries and brain injuries, particularly examining how the mechanism of injury causes damage to the brain.


What is Whiplash?

“Whiplash” term used to describe an injury that occurs to the neck and upper back. These injuries are caused by the neck moving forward forcibly as a result of a deceleration force and then whipping backward, or vice versa, similar to the motion of a whip cracking (hence the name “whiplash”). This injury typically involves the muscles, nerves, tendons, and discs in the neck and upper back.

How Can Whiplash Cause a Brain Injury?

Most people do not think of brain injuries when they hear the term “whiplash,” though the same mechanism of injury that causes whiplash injuries can also cause brain injuries. Our brains do not sit directly against the inner portion of our skull. Instead, the brain is cushioned by fluids. Anytime a force is strong enough to cause a whiplash injury, this could also lead to the brain jostling around inside of the head and striking directly against the skull. This can lead to brain bruising and contusions, bleeding around the brain, and brain swelling.

The force that causes whiplash injuries could lead to a relatively minor concussion or even a more severe traumatic brain injury.

Can You Recover Compensation for These Injuries?

If you or somebody you love has sustained any type of injury in a vehicle accident caused by the careless or negligent actions of another driver, you should be able to recover compensation for your losses. This includes both whiplash and brain injuries.

We strongly suggest that you contact a skilled Atlanta car accident attorney who can examine every aspect of your claim. An attorney can use their resources to fully investigate the incident, gather the evidence needed to prove liability, and vigorously negotiate to secure full compensation on their behalf. This includes coverage of their medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering damages, and more.

Seek Medical Care Immediately Following a Car Accident

If you have been involved in a vehicle accident, you need to seek medical care immediately. Please understand that the signs of symptoms of both whiplash and brain injuries can take some time to develop. Often, the signs and symptoms of whiplash and a brain injury may not show up until hours or even days after a crash occurs. For brain injury cases, the longer an individual puts off seeking medical care, the worse the injury may become over time.

When an individual receives prompt medical attention after a vehicle accident, a doctor can examine them for potential brain injuries or whiplash injuries and recommend medical treatment based on their observations. If you have been involved in a vehicle accident and choose not to seek immediate medical care but then begin to notice signs of disorientation, worsening headaches, slurred speech, trouble waking up, or dilated pupils, please seek prompt medical care.

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