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Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation Laws at a Glance

By Butler Prather LLP on December 18, 2022

When a worker sustains an injury on the job, they should be able to recover various types of compensation for their losses. Through the workers’ compensation insurance system, injury victims can recover compensation for their medical bills and even a significant portion of their lost wages if they are unable to resume duties right away. Here, we want to take a brief look at Georgia workers’ compensation laws. What is Workers’ Compensation in Georgia? In the state of Georgia, workers’ compensation insurance is an insurance system put in place to help provide those who sustain on-the-job injuries with medical benefits,…

The Danger of Electrical Injuries on Atlanta Construction Sites

By Butler Prather LLP on November 15, 2022

Did you know that electrocution is one of the leading causes of death in the construction industry, and that the construction industry itself leads the way when it comes to workplace deaths each year in the country? The very nature of the construction industry means that workers will be in proximity to exposed outlets and electrical wires. However, there are steps that can be taken to prevent these types of injuries. Here, we want to discuss the danger of electrical injuries on Atlanta construction sites. Electrocutions are in the “Fatal Four” The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has labeled electrocution…

Do I Have to Get an Independent Medical Exam in Georgia?

By Butler Prather LLP on November 14, 2022

If you sustain a workplace injury, your employer and the workers’ compensation insurer could ask you to take an independent medical examination (IME). The employer or the insurance carrier has the right to choose the doctor, and the examination can include various physical and psychological tests to determine the severity of the injury, how much treatment you may need moving forward, and whether or not you were able to conduct any work at all. Here, we want to examine whether or not you have to get an independent medical examination in Georgia if one is requested of you. Is the…

Hurt at Work: Why You Need to Immediately Notify Your Employer

By Butler Prather LLP on November 13, 2022

Individuals who sustain any type of work-related injury or illness need to notify their employer as soon as they become aware of the injury or illness. This is imperative because Georgia law has very specific deadlines in place pertaining to the reporting of a workplace injury and actually filing a workers’ compensation claim. Here, we want to examine these deadlines and discuss what could happen if you fail to report an injury on time. What the Law Says About Reporting Workplace Injuries Each state sets a timeline for how long workers have to report and on the job incident to…

What If an “Act of God” Causes a Work Injury or Death?

By Butler Prather LLP on September 26, 2022

Most workplace injuries or illnesses happen due to an accident or negligence in the workplace. However, there are times when individuals are injured or killed on the job due to something outside of their control. There are times when natural disasters, freak accidents, or acts of God occur and lead to significant injuries or fatalities. What is an Act of God You have likely heard the phrase “act of God” before when it comes to incidents that occur and affect other individuals. Perhaps you have seen this phrase used in movies or TV shows, but this term can also come…

Occupational Diseases and Work Injuries

By Butler Prather LLP on September 29, 2021

Anyone who sustains a workplace injury should be able to recover compensation for their losses. This includes coverage of their medical bills and a significant portion of their lost income if they cannot work while they recover. However, not all injuries are necessarily traumatic. Often, individuals suffer from occupational injuries that occur as a result of exposure the hazardous conditions in the workplace. Here, we want to discuss how individuals recover compensation if they sustain an occupational disease as a result of job-related duties. What is an Occupational Disease and is This Different From a Regular Work Injury? An occupational…

When an Employer Violates Workers Comp Laws

By Butler Prather LLP on September 27, 2021

Any employee who sustains an injury on the job should be able to recover compensation for their losses. In Georgia, this includes coverage of all medical bills caused by the workplace injury as well as a significant portion of lost wages if an employee cannot work while they recover. But what happens if an employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance? Here, we want to discuss what types of penalties that employers could face if they fail to properly insure their workers. Additionally, we will look at where an injured worker can turn to recover compensation for their injuries if…

What Are OSHA’s Top Safety Violations?

By Butler Prather LLP on June 22, 2021

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) plays a critical role when it comes to workplace safety throughout the United States. OSHA has regulations for safety requirements in most workplaces throughout the country, and an employer’s failure to abide by these regulations could result in significant consequences. Each year, OSHA compiles a list of the top violations that they encounter when they conduct inspections of workplaces throughout the US. Our Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys want to share the most recent top safety violation list so that you have an understanding of whether or not you are operating in a safe…

Workers’ Compensation For Industrial Accidents

By Butler Prather LLP on May 26, 2021

Every worker should be able to count on receiving compensation when they sustain an on-the-job injury. Injuries can happen in any industry, but some are riskier than others. This is particularly true for various types of industrial work. Industrial accidents can lead to severe injuries, and it is not uncommon for victims in these situations to need extensive medical care and a significant amount of wage assistance if they cannot work while they recover. Here, we want to discuss the challenges of securing workers’ compensation insurance in the aftermath of an industrial accident. Industrial Jobsites are Hazardous Industrial jobs have…

Safety Tips For Communication Tower Workers

By Butler Prather LLP on June 10, 2020

According to data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were 2.8 million total non-fatal worker injuries and illnesses across the country during the latest reporting year. While many jobs pose significant risks for workers, those who operate on communication towers face incredible hazards every day. Our nation relies on cell towers to keep us interconnected. Here, we offer safety tips for those who work on the construction and maintenance of cell towers in Georgia. Georgia cell tower construction and maintenance safety tips Training Training is required for all cell tower construction and maintenance workers. The Occupational Safety…

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