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Medical Malpractice / Misdiagnosis

12/07/2002 - $950,000.00

John Doe v. Radiology Group, State Court of DeKalb County, Georgia. Lesions bordering the spine of a 56-year-old man were diagnosed by a radiologist as cysts rather than developing cancer. The patient died two weeks after a specially set trial was to begin. The patient’s deteriorating health was a factor in his family’s decision to settle the case on the eve of trial. His lawyers fully expected a bigger verdict given the evidence, but his widow wanted him to have closure prior to his death.

I was in a complex premises liability case involving a multinational corporations. Mr. Butler & his associates were always three steps ahead of these defendants. When they say they are "exceptional trial lawyers," this is not just a slogan but it is a way of life.”
- Zack Hendon