Environmental Contamination

Posted in on September 4, 2017 - $25,000,000.00

Flournoy, Owens, Ricks, et al. v. Allied\Honeywell, United States District Court, Southern District of Georgia, Brunswick Division. Settlement was obtained for the owners of approximately 240 marsh and river front properties in Glynn County, Georgia, that were contaminated with mercury and PCBs. Starting in 1956, Allied Chemical Co. (now Honeywell International, Inc.) discharged thousands of pounds of mercury and PCB Aroclor 1268 from its Brunswick chlor alkali plant into the Turtle River estuary and the marshes of Glynn.

The area, adjacent to the Allied-LCP Superfund site, has seafood consumption advisories, and mercury and PCBs have been found in the water, sediments and in fish and shellfish throughout the area. The lawsuit, filed initially in 1995 and litigated for more than 10 years, sought damages for loss of the use and enjoyment of the property because of the widespread contamination and discharges from the chemical plant. A special master was appointed by the court to allocate the proceeds from the settlement among the various property owners.

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