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Working with an Atlanta, GA car accident lawyer to recover your damages helps you focus on recovering from your injuries while your attorney focuses on recovering the full amount you are entitled to. One of the experienced Georgia car accident lawyers from Butler Prather LLP is standing by to provide a risk-free, cost-free assessment of your accident claim, and read on to learn more.

Being in a car accident can immediately shift your personal and professional life, and may entitle you to compensation for the costs and damages associated with your accident and injuries. Recovering your damages requires that they be accurately calculated and proven with evidence, then submitted to the liable party through the drafting and filing of a claim. If a fair settlement cannot be reached, it may be necessary to bring them to court to collect your damages.

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Why Choose Our Atlanta, Georgia Car Accident Lawyers?

Butler Prather LLP has been working to protect the best interests of people injured in car accidents for over 30 years. We understand that a car crash can put the brakes on your personal and professional life, and in some tragic circumstances could lead to the loss of a loved one. Our dedicated Atlanta car accident lawyers understand what you are going through, and know how to provide the legal support you need for your claim to be handled as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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A car accident caused by someone or something else can entitle you to compensation for your emotional and property damages, and the loss of a loved one can entitle you to damages through a legal action known as a wrongful death claim. Your Atlanta car accident attorney steps into your shoes and handles the day-to-day communications and negotiations with the liable parties and their insurance companies, removing the stress from your life.

Choosing a law firm after you have been injured in an auto accident can seem like a daunting process, as there are many firms claiming to have the ability to handle your case. With Butler Prather LLP, you will not only have a firm on your side to handle your case, but a firm that is dedicated to helping you and your family recover the full compensation you are entitled to for your injuries.

Atlanta, Georgia Car Accident Resources & FAQs

Our Successful History With Car Accident Clients

Since 1988, Butler Prather LLP has been advocating for persons injured in car accidents or who have lost loved ones to auto accidents. If we take your case, we handle your case every step of the way, from claim through compensation. This includes collecting evidence to accurately calculate your damages, drafting and filing your injury claim, and if necessary filing a lawsuit to recover what you are entitled to.

We recovered $280,000,000 in an accident that led to the death of our client’s spouse. In another case, Moseley v. General Motors Corp. and Ruprecht, we recovered $105,241,612 for our client. To collect the full amount of damages you are entitled to, you’ll need to collect evidence to accurately and completely measure your damages, then submit an accident claim to the insurance company of the party responsible for the accident.

How Our Atlanta, Georgia Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You Recover

Your experienced Atlanta personal injury attorneys from Butler Prather LLP collect evidence to determine liability and to accurately measure your damages after your crash, then do what is necessary to collect it for you. How do you know if the other driver or drivers involved in your accident were drunk, impaired, or engaging in distracted driving when they hit you? The answer here, as with determining what your complete damages are, is evidence.

Working with an experienced attorney who knows the rules of evidence in your local courts helps to ensure that your claim includes all the information possible to make the most of your case.

How Much Is My Atlanta Car Accident Case Worth?

The amount that your car accident case is worth depends upon the unique facts and circumstances of your accident, and the short-term and long-term costs associated with your injuries. Local law and the outcomes of similar cases provide guidance on how much your claim will be worth, which your experienced accident attorney knows from having worked on many similar cases in the past.

The short-term costs associated with your accident include medical bills and the cost to repair your vehicle, in addition to any lost wages and work benefits while you are recovering.

Long-term costs linked to your Atlanta, Georgia car accident can include ongoing medical care like treatment, medications, and rehabilitation. If your injuries and their symptoms impact your ability to earn, you are also entitled to compensation equal to the change in your income from the time of your personal injury through your working life.

Calculating the amount your car accident is worth requires follow-up opinions from medical and occupational experts. If you have a long-term injury like a TBI, a medical expert will determine the long-term implications of your injury, and what the cost of related treatments will be. The occupational expert analyzes the information from the medical expert, and determines how your injuries will impact your ability to earn and support yourself and your family into the future.

Your Atlanta car accident lawyer schedules appointments for you in their network of professionals, and fully and accurately calculates the damages you are entitled to. Recovering the full amount you deserve requires informed legal advocacy, and the experienced Atlanta, Georgia car accident lawyers from Butler Prather LLC are here to represent you best interests.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Atlanta, Georgia

When it comes to car accidents on the roads today, one of the most common causes is distracted driving. A driver is engaging in distracted driving when they are doing anything while driving that takes their attention off of driving. Common examples of distracted driving include texting or talking while driving, using the in-dash display, talking with a passenger, or eating while driving. Drivers have a responsibility to keep their attention on the road to drive safely.

Distracted driving causes manual, mental, and visual impairment while driving. For example, if a person is texting while driving, their hands are on their phone not on the wheel impairing their driving manually, looking at texts instead of the road visually impairs a driver, and paying attention to the text instead of the task of driving is mentally impairing. Drivers who cause accidents while engaging in distracted driving will be liable for the damages they cause.

Another common cause of car accidents is drunk or impaired driving. When a driver is intoxicated by drugs or alcohol and makes the decision to get behind the wheel, they are breaking the law. All Atlanta drunk driving accidents are preventable, and all drunk drivers will be liable for the injuries accidents they cause result in.

Types of Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents can range in severity depending upon a variety of factors, including speed and the location of the impact of the collision. Whatever the cause of your car accident, if someone or something else is liable, you will be entitled to compensation for the damages associated with your injuries.

Common injuries from car accidents include:

When you are injured in a car accident, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries, and the costs that result from your injuries. This includes both medical bills, vehicle repair bills, and lost wages in the short-term, as well as any ongoing medical treatment, medications, rehabilitation, or lost wages in the long-term. The purpose of being compensated for your car accident is to put you and your family in as close a financial position as possible to make it like the accident had never happened. This includes covering medical costs, and any impact on your ability to earn.

For example, if you have experienced a traumatic brain injury, or TBI from an Atlanta car accident, you could have long-term medical bills, and a permanent impact on your ability to work. A TBI happens when your head experiences a bump, blow, or penetrating wound, and one of the most common causes of traumatic brain injuries is motor vehicle collisions. After the accident you may require treatment for a cut to your head from a bump on the steering wheel, but in the long-term a TBI changes your brain chemistry. This can change your personality, your ability to concentrate, and can impact your personal and professional life forever.

Following this example, the short-term costs of a TBI would include the emergency room visit to treat the bump or blow injury, and the lost wages while you are out of work in the short-term. If your brain injury changes your brain chemistry and you can no longer focus and your level of irritability has increased and changed your personal relationships, you are entitled to long-term damages. You might require ongoing medication to treat the pain, as well as mental health counseling. Your ability to work could be impacted, and any change in your earnings should also be included in your damages.

We Can Help You Seek Justice

How Is Liability Determined After A Car Accident?

If someone or something else causes an accident that injures you, the party responsible for the cause of the accident is liable for your damages. To prove that another party is liable for your damages, you will need to prove that they engaged in negligence, or are responsible for your damages due to strict liability or due to an intentional act.

Negligence is comprised of four parts or elements: duty, breach, causation, and damages. The party must have had some duty to you, that duty must have been violated by their action, that action must have caused you injury, and your injury must have resulted in damages. Each of these four elements must be proven for you to be able to collect damages, and it is proven with evidence. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can help investigate and prove damages.

Should I Talk to The Other Party’s Insurance Company?

The insurance company has full-time teams of claim analysts and attorneys working to deny whatever claims they can, while paying as little as possible on those they cannot deny. Working with an experienced Atlanta, Georgia car accident lawyer helps to even the playing field. Achieving the best possible outcome on your case without the assistance of an attorney can be difficult. Learning how the law and local case precedent applies to the unique facts and circumstances of your accident can be difficult while you are trying to recover from your injuries.

Car Accident Statute of Limitations in Georgia

Under Georgia Law, the statute of limitations, or expiration date, for your claim after an accident is two years. In some situations it can be two years after the discovery of your injury, like with brain injuries that might take some time for their symptoms to emerge.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Atlanta?

The first step to take following a car accident is to contact emergency medical services to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved. After that, reaching out to the police to assist in exchanging insurance information and to create a police report is advised. If possible, take pictures, document any evidence you can, and assess the property damage in front of you. Then, it is time to each out to an Atlanta personal injury lawyer and file a car accident claim.

Contact Our Atlanta, GA Car Accident Law Firm

To have an attorney by your side from the start, reach out to one of the experienced Atlanta car accident lawyers from Butler Prather LLP. If we take your case, you pay nothing up-front, and nothing out-of-pocket, ever. When we take car accident cases, we take them on contingency, which means that we only get paid if we win on your case. Our payment is a portion of the earnings we generate for you, that we agree upon before getting started on your case.

For a risk-free, cost-free assessment of your car accident, schedule a consultation with an Atlanta or Columbus car accident attorney at Butler Prather LLP. We’ll discuss the unique facts and circumstances of your case, and if your case fits with our firm we will do everything necessary to recover the full amount of compensation you and your family are entitled to.

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