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Jim Butler Has Won Nine Verdicts That Exceed $100 Million

By Butler Prather LLP on May 2, 2024

What does it take to be one of the most successful personal injury attorneys in America? Persistence, hard work, and a keen understanding of the law. But there’s another attribute that separates the truly great attorneys from everyone else – compassion.

When you’ve won as many substantial cases as James E. Butler of Butler Prather LLP, colleagues, associates, clients, and just about anybody can see the proof in the results. For Jim, the most important thing is getting justice for people who have been wronged.

When considering whether to take on a new case, Jim must meet face-to-face and sit across the table from people who have suffered unimaginable hardships. These are individuals who have seen their businesses destroyed, lost loved ones, been forced to live with chronic pain and disabilities that never go away, and more.

Jim acknowledges that “practicing law is a painful experience,” but somebody has to stand up against the unspeakable greed, carelessness, and cruelty of people who simply don’t care about how their negligent actions affect the lives of others.

Jim’s Had an Amazing Effect on Consumer Safety

Having over 50 years of experience, Jim is the one people call when they have been unfairly injured at work, and his experience continues to support safety in America. Thanks to Jim and the fine work he has done, potential wrongdoers think twice before committing actions that may harm the lives, well-being, and health of others.

Jim’s achievements are recognized throughout the legal community, and the high regard Jim enjoys among his peers is echoed by the words of Gerald Davidson Jr. of Mahaffey Pickens Tucker in Lawrenceville, GA. Davidson proclaims: “Jim’s had an amazing impact on consumer safety.”

An Unprecedented Record of Success

The scale of Jim’s achievements is truly astounding. He doesn’t just win big verdicts – Jim has prevailed in landmark cases involving four distinct legal categories: trucking, medical malpractice, auto products liability, and business torts/breach of fiduciary duty.

How does he do it? In an interview with The American Lawyer, Jim reveals a major secret to his success: He’s always ready to pounce when opposing counsel makes a mistake. “When lawyers make things up or puff their cases, which plaintiff’s lawyers love, that’s devastating to their credibility. That’s what happened in every one of my big verdicts.”

Jim’s unprecedented success includes nine verdicts that exceed $100 million dollars:

  1. $1.7 Billion. Hill v. Ford Motor Company and The Pep Boys – Georgia
  2. $454 Million. Six Flags v. Time Warner Entertainment – Georgia
  3. $150 Million.Walden v. Fiat-Chrysler – Georgia
  4. $150 Million. Hardy v. General Motors – Alabama
  5. $135. Million. Harris v. Silicone Ranch Corporation – Georgia
  6. $127.1 Million. Rodriguez v. Suzuki Motors – Missouri
  7. $127 Million. Andrews v. Autoliv – Georgia
  8. $105.5 Million. Flax and Sparkman v. DaimlerChrysler Corporation – Tennessee
  9. $105.2 Million. Moseley v. General Motors – Georgia

Having a history of securing large settlements is the most valuable asset for an attorney aiming to secure large settlements in the future. Simply put, it is past verdicts like these that drive other big settlements going forward.

Have You Suffered Catastrophic Injuries?

Butler Prather LLP gets justice for people who have been harmed by the careless actions of others. Our firm has won landmark cases for clients in over 30 states across the country. Additionally, our attorneys have won over one billion dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients.

Our Georgia attorneys have been recognized by Super Lawyers for the superior service we provide based on peer reviews and independent research.

Call us today at (706) 322-1990 to schedule a free consultation.

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I was in a complex premises liability case involving a multinational corporations. Mr. Butler & his associates were always three steps ahead of these defendants. When they say they are "exceptional trial lawyers," this is not just a slogan but it is a way of life.”
- Zack Hendon