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Medical Malpractice / Misdiagnosis

07/09/1996 - $4,249,695.00

Unnamed Plaintiff v. Hospital, Doctor and Anonymous Defendant, State Court of Cobb County, Georgia. 32-year-old man with complaints of pain, numbness and tingling in arms and legs was brought to the ER by police following an automobile collision. Following an incomplete series of cervical spine x-rays and an emergency physician’s exam, he was discharged with a diagnosis of cervical sprain and strain. He suffered progressive paralysis. He was seen by a doctor at an infirmary where he was observed for 36 hours before being returned to the hospital where a diagnosis of C6-C7 spinal injury was made. Patient had C7 level paraplegia, which was permanent.

Settlement was concluded with three of the defendants following extensive discovery. Additional claims remain pending against other defendants. Guaranteed cash and annuity payout is $2,255,062, and projected lifetime total payments to plaintiff are $4,249,695.

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- Zack Hendon