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Types of Atlanta Product Liability Cases

Consumers in the United States suffer from no shortage of products to buy. Competition for consumer attention is fierce and companies battle to obtain a share of the market. Selling products, however, comes with responsibility. A product that injures or kills someone should never have reached consumers. Unfortunately, faulty designs, substandard materials and a lack of concern for consumer safety lead to numerous injuries and deaths every year.

At Butler Prather LLP, our Atlanta product liability attorneys handle claims in Georgia and throughout the United States. We have collected settlements and verdicts in more than 30 states, including several record-setting verdicts involving defective products. Our lawyers have the skill to handle all types of product liability cases. If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to a dangerous or defective product, contact us online or call (404) 321-1700 or toll-free (800) 242-2962 today.

Atlanta, GA Auto and Auto Product Liability Claims

Our firm has extensive experience in cases involving defective cars and trucks, as well as cases involving defective tires, air bags and other auto parts. Auto defects are sometimes the subject of recalls. The presence or absence of a recall does not control whether you can obtain compensation for your injuries. Typically, a defect fails many times, leading to many injuries and even deaths before it is finally recalled. Some defects kill dozens of people and are known for many years and a recall is never issued.

Few firms have the resources and experience to take on auto companies and win. Our firm is one of those. We have won auto defect cases against General Motors, Toyota, Chrysler and Ford. We are a perfect 35-0 in litigation against GM over the years. Our Atlanta auto product liability lawyers are not afraid to go to trial. We have the track record to force auto companies take your case seriously.

Tools and Construction Equipment

Tools, particularly power tools, have the potential to fail spectacularly and cause serious injuries. Amputation injuries, electrical injuries, burns and other serious injuries can result when a tool is defective. If you have been injured by a defective tool or piece of equipment, you should speak to one of our Atlanta, GA personal injury attorneys as soon as possible.

Drugs and Medical Devices

Some drugs are inherently dangerous. Some become dangerous because they are not handled and prepared properly. Medical devices, including pacemakers, artificial joints, stents and other implanted devices fail at alarming rates. This can lead to additional surgeries, crippling pain and even death. When pharmaceuticals or medical equipment fails, we can help victims get the full and fair compensation they deserve.

Toys and Products For Children

Safety is particularly important when it comes to goods intended for children. A child may interact with a product in a way not intended by the manufacturer. If that interaction is foreseeable, even if it is not intended, the maker of the product can still be held liable. Children’s furniture and toys must be made safe for the ways kids use them.

Other Products

Our firm has handled product liability claims involving a wide variety of products. Anything designed and sold for use can be the subject of a product liability claim if it fails and causes injury. The makers, designers and sellers of these products owe a duty to consumers to make sure they are safe. When they fail in that duty, it is important to hold them accountable. Call our Atlanta or Columbus product liability lawyers at (404) 321-1700 or toll-free (800) 242-2962 to schedule a consultation to discuss your product liability case.

I was in a complex premises liability case involving a multinational corporations. Mr. Butler & his associates were always three steps ahead of these defendants. When they say they are "exceptional trial lawyers," this is not just a slogan but it is a way of life.”
- Zack Hendon