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Better safety features on vehicles good for older drivers

By Butler Prather LLP on September 13, 2016

Seniors in Georgia might be more likely to retain their independence as drivers in the years ahead as safety technology in motor vehicles improves and becomes more widespread. It is predicted that by 2030, 54 million people in the country will be over age 70. In 2014, that age group made up 31 million people.

Unfortunately, older drivers may be more vulnerable to injury. They may also struggle with the range of motion required to thoroughly check visibility and become more easily confused at intersections where traffic is heavy. The increase in automated systems in vehicles may address some of these problems and make driving safer for older adults in the years ahead.

While the AARP plans further education on safety technology to help their membership become more comfortable with the technology, studies indicate that acceptance is already rapidly shifting. In the past two years, only about 33 percent of drivers over 50 purchased vehicles with a focus on safety technology. A new study by The Hartford and MIT AgeLab found that around 75 percent of people over 50 who plan to buy a car in the next two years will prioritize safety technology.

Even as roads become safer with modern technology, there will still be accidents due to human error. While a person injured in an accident might expect an insurance company to pay for their medical expenses and other related costs, they might only be offered a fraction of the total. If this occurs, the victim might want to discuss their next steps with an attorney who may be able to negotiate better compensation or take the matter to court.

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