Bicycle Accident

Is Bicycle Insurance Worth It in Georgia?

Individuals have various options when it comes to bicycle insurance. In some cases, it may be possible to add bicycle insurance through their homeowners’ or renter’s insurance policy. However, it is also possible to purchase bicycle insurance separately from other insurance policies you may have. Here, we want to discuss purchasing bicycle insurance so you are better informed as you move forward with your research. Is Bike Insurance Required in Georgia? Most people are aware that they are required to carry insurance when they operate a vehicle or a motorcycle in the state of Georgia. However, these same insurance requirements… read more


What Is Georgia’s Bicycle Helmet Law?

Many people in Georgia ride bicycles, whether as their regular mode of transportation or for recreational purposes. Most people understand that bicyclists are responsible for following the same rules of the roadway as other vehicles. They also know that helmets can save lives. However, many people do not know whether helmets are required for bicyclists in Georgia. Here, we want to discuss the laws as well as some safety issues related to bicycle riding. Are helmets required for bicyclists in Georgia? Under Georgia law, bicycle riders 16 years of age or older are not required to wear a helmet (O.C.G.A…. read more


Jury imposes $1.7 billion verdict against Ford for F-series pickup roof collapse that killed couple. Read More.