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What Role Does a Driver’s Age Play in Car Accident Risk?

By Ramsey Prather on November 20, 2023

A driver’s age may impact their ability to drive safely. There are a number of factors that increase driving hazards for teenage drivers and drivers who are 65 and older. In Georgia, there are restrictions on teen drivers, and all drivers are required to have their vision tested when they renew a driver’s license to help keep everyone safe on the road.

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Why So Many Crashes Occur Near Road Construction Zones

By Ramsey Prather on October 30, 2023

Construction zones are necessary to keep our roads in good repair and build new ones. Adequate roads are essential for allowing people and commerce to flow smoothly throughout Georgia. However, construction zones must be properly administered to protect the automobile drivers, pedestrians, bicycles, and motorcycle riders who use them.

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Deadliest Highways in Georgia

By Ramsey Prather on July 20, 2023

Atlanta Skyline at dusk, Georgia. USA.

Georgia is a dangerous place to drive. In a recent year, the state’s roads and highways saw 1,797 fatalities, ranking thirteenth nationally in the number of traffic deaths per 100,000 citizens. Unsafe driving practices, heavy traffic, and poor road conditions are major causes of vehicle crashes in Georgia. Frustration resulting from heavy traffic, delays, and stop-and-go driving exacerbates unsafe driving behavior, which includes:

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Taking Effective Photos After a Motor Vehicle Accident

By Butler Prather LLP on May 30, 2023

You’re never really prepared for an automobile crash. A severe wreck can dramatically impact your life, especially if you sustain personal injuries and vehicle or property damage. You may require intensive and prolonged medical treatment; your vehicle may need significant repairs or even replacement; you may need time off from work; and, you may be unable to engage in important life activities like caring for children and loved ones.

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Who Pays in a Three-Car Accident?

By Butler Prather LLP on February 16, 2023

In many cases, accidents involve only two vehicles, but that is not always how these incidents play out. There are times when a crash can involve three vehicles, and this can complicate the process of recovering compensation. Specifically, determining liability becomes more challenging when another vehicle is added to the equation. Here, we want to discuss who could be on the line to pay compensation after an accident involving three vehicles. Determining Liability in a Three-Car Accident Determining liability after a three-car collision in the state of Georgia can be challenging, but it is a crucial step in the process…

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Who is Liable for Uber, Lyft, and Rideshare Accidents?

By Butler Prather LLP on February 16, 2023

Rideshare services have become incredibly popular over the last decade, but determining liability after an accident involving a rideshare vehicle can be challenging. Here, we want to examine liability issues involving Uber and Lyft, particularly focusing on whether or not the driver or the rideshare company will pay compensation along with how the insurance process works. Liability is Determined Much Like Any Other Car Accident Liability after an Uber or Lyft accident is determined just like liability is for any other type of incident. There will be an investigation into the incident in order to gather as much evidence as…

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What Are The Most Dangerous Roads in Atlanta For Drivers?

By Butler Prather LLP on January 16, 2023

Every state has dangerous roads, including Georgia. During the latest recording year of data on file, there were 1,664 total traffic fatalities on Georgia roadways. 647 of these were considered incidents in rural areas, while 1,014 of the traffic fatalities occurred in urban areas. But, what are the most dangerous roads for drivers in the Peach State? The Most Dangerous Roads are in the Atlanta Area Anyone who operates a vehicle in the Atlanta metro area already knows that this can be dangerous. However, knowing that and having proof are two different things. A recently released study sheds light on…

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Should I Give a Recorded Statement to an Insurance Company?

By Butler Prather LLP on December 20, 2022

If you or somebody you love has been injured or sustained property damage in an accident caused by another party, you will likely deal with insurance carriers. This will include your insurance carrier as well as the insurance carrier for any other parties involved. It is also likely that the insurance carrier claims adjuster will ask you to give a recorded statement about your side of events. Here, we want to discuss whether or not giving a recorded statement to the insurance company is a good idea. Why The Insurance Carriers Insist on a Recorded Statement Did you know that…

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Who Is Liable for a Multi-Car Crash in Georgia?

By Butler Prather LLP on December 19, 2022

In many cases, accidents occur only between two vehicles, but that is not always the case. Sometimes, there are three or more vehicles involved in a vehicle collision, and this can complicate the process of determining liability. Here, we want to discuss how liability is determined for a multi-car crash in Georgia. Multi-Car Collisions Can Happen Anywhere Multi-car collisions are not uncommon in Georgia. Yes, while many collisions only involve two vehicles, multi-car collisions can happen in the exact same ways that every other two-car collision occurs. For example, if one driver rear-ends another driver who has just stopped at…

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Car Inspection Laws In Georgia

By Butler Prather LLP on December 4, 2022

States around the country have varying laws about vehicle inspections. Some states, such as California, are fairly strict about having vehicles inspected to meet certain requirements, particularly emissions requirements. Other states are much more lax about vehicle inspections. Residents in Georgia need to be aware that they do have certain requirements for vehicle inspections each year. Additionally, commercial vehicle drivers face more stringent inspection requirements and are typically governed by both state and federal law. Here, we want to review some of the basic vehicle inspection laws in Georgia. We strongly recommend that you continue your research into vehicle inspections…

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