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Documents needed after a car accident

By Butler Prather LLP on August 26, 2016

When people are injured in a Georgia car accident and retain an attorney, counsel may want to see a number of different documents. The victims should share their medical records with the attorney including any psychological records related to the accident. If they missed work and lost wages as a result of the accident, this should be shared as well because it can help the attorney determine how much to ask for in damages.

The attorney also may want to see any contact or other information that was received from the other driver, the client’s insurance policy and any evidence of premiums paid. If police issued a ticket, this should be brought to the meeting with the attorney along with a copy of the police report and any other notes or documentation the police made in connection with the accident. Any photos that were taken at the scene or of damaged vehicles should also be included.

Usually, people are not required to give a statement to the insurance company, but if they are asked and do so, the attorney should also get a copy of this. If the insurance company asks for a statement after the attorney has been retained, the attorney should be notified.

The devastating effects of a motor vehicle accident caused by the negligence of another driver may include catastrophic injuries that take months or years to recover from. Expenses may also be enormous, and often, insurance companies offer only a fraction of those expenses in compensation. If it is not possible to get a better offer from the insurance company, an attorney might recommend the filing of a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault motorist.

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