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Driver death statistics vary by truck model

By Butler Prather LLP on June 7, 2017

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently conducted a study of car accidents where the drivers were killed by examining registered vehicles for models years 2011 through 2014. The Institute found differences in death rates among various truck models. Although the study only looked at driver deaths, the results illustrated some significant safety disparities among trucks that may interest Georgia residents who are shopping for new vehicles.

For example, the Nissan Titan Crew Cab short bed 4WD earned the worst score out of all the pickup categories with 73 dead drivers out of a million registered vehicles. The Frontier Crew Cab short bed 4WD from the same manufacturer, however, performed relatively well with a score of only 16 driver deaths.

The data revealed 11 vehicles that were not associated with any driver deaths. Seven of the models with zero driver fatalities were light trucks and included the Toyota Tacoma Double Cab long bed 4WD and Jeep Cherokee 4WD. The overall pickup truck category earned an average rating of 26 deaths per million vehicles registered.

The IIHS did not evaluate all aspects of vehicle safety, including whether or not the drivers in the crashes had been acting recklessly. Negligent driver behavior is the frequent cause of fatal car accidents. A survivor who lost a loved one might wish to speak with a wrongful death attorney about making a claim. This type of lawsuit adheres to many of the same standards as a personal injury case, and an attorney could consult an independent accident investigator to obtain evidence. After gathering evidence that proves a driver’s negligence, an attorney could file court papers and pursue a settlement from the responsible party. A lawyer could also coordinate meetings with an insurance adjuster as well as initiate courtroom litigation. He or she could help someone request compensation that may be used to recover funeral expenses and lost income.

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