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Where Are the Most Dangerous Places to Drive in Atlanta?

By Butler Prather LLP on November 20, 2017

The deadliest year for drivers in Georgia occurred in 2016, with over 1,500 people perishing because of roadway incidents. None of these statistics will come as a surprise to Georgia residents, but understanding the constancy of danger on these highways can mean safer navigation – whether you’re trying to get from Roswell to Jonesboro or just out of town completely – be mindful of the speeds and dangers of Atlanta’s busy highways.

What Are the Deadliest Roads in Atlanta, GA?


#1. I-285

Interstates generally present more risks to drivers owing to the high speed of travel. This 64-mile long highway loops Atlanta and was one of deadliest road in the nation in 2013. I-285 made national headlines again in on June 26, 2017 when a section of the highway caught fire.

#2. I-75

This highway stretches from Florida to Tennessee and cuts right through the heart of Atlanta. It serves as a backbone for commerce transportation for the nation; many tractor-trailers use this route and mix with Atlanta’s commuters. More fatal accidents involving tractor-trailers took place on this interstate in 2015 than all the other metro Atlanta freeways. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is exploring speed limiters on tractor-trailers as a way to slow down traffic.

#3. I-85

This route stretches from Alabama to South Carolina and intersects with I-75 in downtown Atlanta. In 2015, this stretch of highway tallied a rate of one death for every 6.6 miles. GDOT recently widened barriers and added 425 flex tube barriers to improve the flow of traffic, thereby reducing the number of accidents.

#4. I-20

I-20 crosses the state and crosses I-75 at the same downtown location as I-85. The highway had an increase in accident involving tractor-trailers in 2016, compelling GDOT to resurface several lanes and install sign upgrades in hopes of improving safety on the busy highway.

What Can I Do on Georgia Roads to Ensure Safety While Driving?

If you’re commuting in Atlanta, it’s impossible to avoid these highways completely, so keeping these dangers in mind – and how you can prevent them – is your best bet. Here are some things to consider:

  • First, cut down on distractions like devices or eating. Provide your children in the backseat with some form of entertainment to reduce the distractions they might cause.
  • Second, practice defensive driving. Allow more trailing space with cars in front of you and do not speed up to block other reckless drivers from pulling in front of you and taking up that trailing space you vacated.
  • Be mindful of lane changes and pay attention to where you are on the highway. If you know your exit is approaching, don’t wait to move over. This may slow your progress down, but that only improves your safety. Eliminate the urge to make a last second decision and remember: In Atlanta, there’s always another exit ramp ahead.

If you do experience an accident, call for help immediately, make sure to get all the information on the other drivers, and record notes and take pictures of the damages.

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