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Should I Undergo Physical Therapy After a Car Accident?

By Butler Prather LLP on January 7, 2020

Getting into a vehicle accident often leads to severe injuries. Victims who have been injured in car accidents often are required to undergo various medical procedures in order to make a full recovery. There are some car accident injuries that may require did a victim to undergo physical therapy.

physical therapy after car accident

There are various reasons you may want to undergo physical therapy in the aftermath of a car accident the causes you harm. It is important that you seek medical assistance as soon as an accident occurs and that you follow all treatment plans prescribed by your doctor.

There are various types of injuries that occur in car accidents that could require a victim to undergo physical therapy, including:

  • back injuries
  • shoulder injuries
  • neck injuries
  • knee injuries
  • wrist or hand injuries
  • nerve damage to any part of the body
  • and more

Physical therapy can speed up the recovery process

Physical therapy can speed up the recovery process by allowing a car accident victim to rebuild the strength they lost while they were resting and recovering from their injuries. This therapy can increase flexibility in decrease soreness and pain that was caused by the injuries. When a car accident victim receives help from a trained physical therapist, they can get back on their feet and back to their normal routine faster.

Physical therapy can prevent long-term damage

There are some car accident injuries that lead to long-lasting or permanent injuries that affect a person their entire lives. Evidence shows that starting physical therapy soon after an accident occurs decreases the chances that an injury will affect the victim permanently.

Physical therapy can reduce pain

It may seem counter-intuitive to become physically active soon after an accident. Physical therapy can even be incredibly painful at first. However, regular movement in physical therapy encourages blood flow and oxygen to damaged areas of a car accident victim’s body. The increased blood flow will allow nutrients to get to the injured areas so they can heal faster. This means less pain for a car accident victim.

Car accident victims may be able to avoid more serious treatment

The right type of targeted physical therapy that begins soon after an accident occurs can help decrease the chance that a person will need more serious medical procedures such as surgery. Even if the injuries are serious enough to necessitate surgery right after a crash, physical therapy after surgery can help prevent any future procedures that may be needed. Most surgery victims are recommended for physical therapy soon after the procedure is completed in order to help speed the recovery process.

This process can help with settlements

By undergoing physician-recommended physical therapy, car accident victims will help ensure that they receive the maximum compensation available for their case. When there is a preponderance of evidence that a victim was actually injured in a crash, it is harder for insurance carriers to deny a claim. In the event that an insurance carrier does deny a car accident victim’s claim, a personal injury lawsuit may be necessary. If the case goes to trial, physical therapy will show a jury that you are sincere about wanting to recover from the incident. It shows a jury that you were indeed injured and that your injuries were serious enough to warrant this type of care.

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