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Staying safe behind the wheel when the weather turns wet

By Butler Prather LLP on June 29, 2016

Over the coming days, people here in Georgia and across the U.S. will be heading to the airport, the train station and, of course, their garages, eager to make trips to visit family and friends over the Fourth of July weekend. Indeed, AAA is projecting that as many as 43 million people will be traveling from June 30 through July 4, a new holiday record and an astounding five million more people than the recent Memorial Day weekend.

Breaking these numbers down further, AAA found that for 84 percent of these travelers — over 36 million people — the preferred method of transportation will be their automobile, a phenomenon that is being attributed largely to below average gas prices.

It goes without saying that there are certain road safety realities that those planning to drive over the long holiday weekend should keep in mind before hitting the roads and highways.

For instance, there’s always a chance that the weather conditions drivers encounter won’t be warm and sunny. In fact, the current weather forecast for the Atlanta metropolitan area is currently calling for rain and thunderstorms throughout the weekend, and into the Fourth of July holiday.

This naturally raises the question then as to what drivers should keep in mind before heading out and in the event they encounter rain.

Some tips offered by experts include the following:

  • Before leaving on your trip, replace any worn or malfunctioning windshield wiper inserts, ensure all lights (head lights, brake lights, turn signals, tail lights, etc.) are working, and check tire depth and pressure (including the spare)
  • Have headlights activated whenever driving, or, at the very least, be sure to do if it begins to rain
  • Avoid using cruise control in the rain, as it can limit options in the event of a loss of traction.
  • Reduce speed as much as necessary, avoid hard stops, limit sharp turns, maintain a safe following distance and follow in the tracks of the vehicle ahead to reduce the chance of hydroplaning
  • If the car begins to skid, look and steer it in the direction you want to go and do not slam on the brakes

While we’re hoping for the weather forecast to change here in Atlanta, we’re also hoping that these safety tips offered by experts come in handy to any motorists who encounter rain.

It’s important to understand that those who suffer serious personal injuries in a motor vehicle accident caused by the reckless actions of another — rain or shine — have options for seeking justice and, as such, they should give serious consideration to speaking with an experienced legal professional.

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