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Summer Truck Tire Blowouts

By Butler Prather LLP on May 2, 2022

Large commercial trucks are crucial for the Georgia economy, but they must also be regularly inspected and maintained in order to ensure safety. It is not uncommon to see large truck tires on the side of the highways throughout the state, and these tires can lead to significant accidents and injuries. Here, we want to explore why truck tire blowouts are more likely to occur during the summer months as well as who could be held liable if a person sustains an injury or property damage as a result of a tire blowout.

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Tire Blowouts Can Lead to Severe Injuries

When we examine information available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, we can see that there were 612 motor vehicle traffic fatalities during the most recent reporting year caused by tire-related crashes. This includes all tire-related incidents, not just those related to larger commercial trucks. However, commercial truck tires are much larger than regular tires, and they can lead to significant obstructions in the roadway.

Truck tires blow out for a variety of reasons, often due to significant usage. It is absolutely critical for truck drivers and trucking companies to regularly inspect and maintain every tire on the vehicle to prevent a blowout from occurring. Some of the main causes of truck tire blowouts include the following:

  • Heat. The higher the heat, the more likely a tire blowout is to occur. Heat increases the internal pressure of a tire, causing it to expand. This expansion, when combined with hot concrete and asphalt, increases the friction and stress on the tire. Obviously, the summertime is when tires are more likely to become overheated and blowout.
  • Underinflation. Any tire not properly inflated is much more likely to be destroyed. An underinflated tire will put extreme pressure on the sidewalls of the tire, flexing the tire components beyond tolerances.
  • Low tread depth. Anytime a tire has low tread depth, it makes it more sensitive to heat and adverse conditions on the roadway.
  • Vehicle overloading. Overloading a vehicle beyond its capacity is much more likely to lead to overexertion on the tires and a tire blowout.
  • Existing tire damage. Anytime there is existing damage to attire, this weakens its structural integrity, and it increases the likelihood of a blowout occurring due to another reason on the roadway.
  • Product design defect. Just like any other product, a defective tire will be much more likely to malfunction on the roadways.
  • Reckless driving. Reckless driving on the part of a large commercial truck driver will increase the chances that a tire blowout will occur because they will put too much pressure on the tires.
  • Poor road conditions. Of course, poor roadway conditions can lead to a tire becoming damaged or punctured, leading to a blowout.

The summer months in Georgia are busy, and they are hot. The roadways are not always in the best condition, and it is not uncommon to see the highways littered with blown-out tires. We strongly encourage all motorists on the highways and streets of Georgia to be aware of larger tires that come off of trucks or that are already on the roadway. The summer months, due to the extreme heat of the South, are much more likely to see tire blowouts occur.

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