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Truck inspectors on the look out for loose cargo

By Butler Prather LLP on March 15, 2017

Truckers in Georgia can expect a thorough evaluation of their adherence to cargo securement practices when the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance launches its annual inspection spree in June. During the event, inspectors will apply the North American Standard Level I check of commercial vehicles. This is a rigorous inspection that scrutinizes drivers and trucking equipment.

Inspectors plan to emphasize the obligation on drivers and trucking companies to safely secure loads. The alliance has prepared a check list for transport companies to make them aware of what elements will undergo inspection. Truckers will need to have all cargo and equipment properly secured. Tie-down equipment and straps will be checked for wear and tear.

Inspectors define violations as cargo that shifts or comes loose entirely from the vehicle. Other problems worthy of citations include damaged tie-downs, loose straps or an inadequate amount of straps.

When a truck accident occurs, poor maintenance or unsafe practices could create liability for damages and injuries inflicted on other parties. A person hurt in a crash with a commercial vehicle might choose to consult an attorney when making a personal injury claim. An attorney could study the trucking company’s insurance policy and identify benefits and coverage that the adjuster might not mention. Evidence of negligence collected by an attorney could support the person’s claim for damages. Violations of trucking regulations, driver fatigue or failure to repair a truck could strengthen the case for the victim. If necessary, an attorney could advance the case to the courtroom if the responsible party does not agree to pay an adequate settlement.

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