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What Are The Most Dangerous Roads in Atlanta For Drivers?

By Butler Prather LLP on January 16, 2023

Every state has dangerous roads, including Georgia. During the latest recording year of data on file, there were 1,664 total traffic fatalities on Georgia roadways. 647 of these were considered incidents in rural areas, while 1,014 of the traffic fatalities occurred in urban areas. But, what are the most dangerous roads for drivers in the Peach State?

What Are The Most Dangerous Roads in Atlanta For Drivers?

The Most Dangerous Roads are in the Atlanta Area

Anyone who operates a vehicle in the Atlanta metro area already knows that this can be dangerous. However, knowing that and having proof are two different things. A recently released study sheds light on various areas around the Atlanta metro area that are treacherous, not just because of poor infrastructure but also because of reckless driving. 

A MoneyGeek study showed that the top five most dangerous roads in the state are located in north Georgia. The study mapped out every fatal accident that occurred in Georgia from 2018 to 2020 using data available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This data found that approximately 40% of every crash that occurred in the state are the result of speeding, drinking, or both combined.

The data found that the most dangerous stretch of road in the state was Moreland Avenue from S River Industrial Boulevard to Wylie Street. 

According to the study, the other four most dangerous roads in the state include the following:

  1. Georgia Highway 85 from I-75 to Springdale Drive
  2. I-285 from the Bouldercrest Road exit to the I-20 interchange
  3. I-285 between the Camp Creek Parkway interchange and the Riverdale Road exit
  4. I-20 from Panola Road to Candler Road

The data indicates that drunk driving was a factor in 20% of every fatal accident that occurred from 2018 to 2020 and that 19% of the fatal crashes occurred as a result of speeding. In many incidents, drinking and speeding were combined and led to a fatal incident.

The month of October proved to be the deadliest month for fatal accidents over the course of the study time frame.

What are the Bright Spots?

Perhaps one of the key bright spots that came out of the study is that Georgia has one of the lowest incident rates of distracted driving of any state across the country. Their study indicated that approximately 3.6% of all fatal crashes in the state occurred as a result of distracted driving, which is better than 88% of every other state.

What Can Individuals do After an Atlanta Car Accident?

Any person who sustains an injury or property damage in a car accident caused by another party should reach out to an attorney for help as soon as possible. Even though the vast majority of vehicle accident claims in Georgia are resolved through settlements with insurance carriers, that does not always guarantee that there will be a fair settlement offer. When a car accident attorney in Atlanta gets involved, they can handle the investigation into the incident. They will ensure that individuals are evaluated by trusted medical and economic experts who can help calculate total losses.

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