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When lives are forever altered in pedestrian accidents, we can help

By Butler Prather LLP on August 19, 2016

More people than ever are now opting to make their way to work, school or other locations on foot. This motivation to become a full-time pedestrian varies with some being driven by heath concerns, some others looking to save money and still others looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Whatever their reasons, those who replace the rubber of their tires with the rubber of their shoe soles are to be commended for their commitment and perhaps even their bravery. Indeed, the sad reality is that pedestrians are perhaps now at more risk than ever of being struck by a negligent motorist.

That’s largely because an altogether astounding number of motorists are now driving distracted, doing everything from talking, texting and checking social media accounts on their cellphones to eating, grooming and adjusting in-dash touch screens.

As you might imagine, this phenomenon has resulted in an inordinate number of accidents in which pedestrians are struck in crosswalks or parking lots, and even on sidewalks.

As disconcerting as this is, consider also that pedestrians are simply no match for several tons of moving steel, and, as a result, frequently suffer catastrophic or even fatal injuries when struck by these negligent motorists.

At Butler Prather LLP, we have been holding reckless drivers accountable for pedestrian accidents for over 20 years. Thanks to this experience, we know what it takes to prepare strong cases designed to show exactly what transpired, and will always fight to secure much-needed compensation for accident victims and their loved ones.

If you’ve been seriously injured or lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident, please visit our website to learn more about how we can help.

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