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Why is August a Deadly Driving Month?

By Butler Prather LLP on July 2, 2021

Statistics have shown, time and time again, that August is a particularly deadly month when it comes to traffic fatalities. Every driver should be armed with the most knowledge possible about driving conditions and roadway safety, and this includes understanding what times of the year they are more likely to face a car accident. Here, we want to discuss some other reasons why August tends to be more deadly for driving than other months.

What the Statistics Show About August Driving

When we look at data available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), we can see that the agency keeps track of vehicle accidents and provides monthly statistics during each reporting year. During the most recent reporting year of data available from the NHTSA, we can see that August was indeed the month with the most traffic fatalities, with 3,083 total deaths as a result of vehicle accidents. Additionally, August is also the month where the most injuries occur during that same reporting year.

It is interesting to point out that August is not the month where the most vehicle crashes occurred overall, just when the most fatalities and deaths occurred during that year.

So, why is August more dangerous?

There may be several reasons for that.

Warmer Weather Means More Drivers

To be sure, August is certainly not the only warm month we experience in Georgia. It just gets downright hot here, typically beginning in April and lasting through October. However, August represents the time of year where many individuals and families are taking last-minute vacations before the school year starts back. This hotter weather, combined with vacation goers, means that there are simply more people on the roadway.

Additionally, it is important to point out that the age range of drivers also expands during the summer months, with teenagers being on vacation from school. The summer months are typically the most deadly times for teenage drivers because they are on the roadway more during the summer than in the rest of the year.

End of Summer Partying

Alcohol and driving simply do not mix. Alcohol is a leading cause of traffic fatalities throughout the country. August may represent more partying for adults and teens than most other times throughout the year, with the exception of major holidays and spring break. Again, as many individuals are trying to get these last-minute vacations in, this also means that there is going to be more partying going on.

Unfortunately, not everybody drinks responsibly. If there are teenagers, college students, or even adults getting some end-of-summer partying in August, the results are likely to be devastating if these partiers make a choice to get behind the wheel.

Preventing August Crashes

The number one way to prevent August crashes is to remain vigilant at all times. Be aware of any additional traffic on the roadway. Expect there to be delays. Have patience, and take your time. If necessary, start your trip a little earlier, regardless of whether or not you were going to the grocery store or across the state. Finally, never drink and drive. This is not safe for anybody. If necessary, use a designated driver or use your smartphone to call a taxi or rideshare.

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