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Audi recalls multiple vehicles for dangerous defects

By Butler Prather LLP on February 1, 2017

Georgia owners of some Audi vehicles can expect to receive recall notices concerning A5 and Q5 models manufactured between 2013 and 2017. Defects have been identified within the 2.0-liter TFSI engines of the A5 coupe, A5 cabriolet and Q5 SUV. Specifically, the cooling pump could overheat and burst into flame if debris clogs the system.

Another problem with Q5 SUVs built between 2011 and 2017 could result in shrapnel exploding into the passenger cabin during an airbag deployment. Drainage problems around the vehicles’ sunroofs sometimes allow water to seep into the structure of the vehicle and soak into the foam around the inflation canister for the side head airbag. Once the water corrodes the canister, it could break apart when the airbag is activated. Both recalls will apply to well over 500,000 vehicles nationwide.

Audi plans to notify owners and direct them to dealerships to correct the potentially dangerous problems. Mechanics will update the software that manages the electronic coolant pumps to shut off power if debris gets caught in the system. As for the airbag canisters, they will remove the foam, coat the canister to prevent corrosion or replace it entirely if damage is evident.

An auto defect could result in liability being imposed on the manufacturer for injuries suffered by drivers and passengers. Under applicable product liability law, other entities that could be held responsible are those that participated in the chain of commerce, such as distributors and retailers. An attorney representing a victim who has been harmed in such a manner will attempt to identify all potential defendants when preparing a lawsuit seeking damages.

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