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What Are the Biggest Hazards on the Road for Motorcyclists?

By Butler Prather LLP on February 26, 2018

Riding a motorcycle can be an ideal activity on a warm Georgia day. However, it can also be an extremely dangerous endeavor for many reasons. Drivers who take their eyes off the road for only a moment can strike motorcyclists and cause severe injury and damage. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, the personal injury attorneys at Butler Prather LLP can help you recover the compensation that you deserve.

Common Road Dangers for a Motorcycle Rider

While a motorcyclist can be injured in many ways on the road, a handful of dangers tend to be more common than others. Oncoming traffic can put a motorcyclist at particular risk. If an automobile driver is distracted and looks down to send a text, change a song, or pick up a drink, he or she can drift into the neighboring lane and something as gentle as brushing against a motorcycle can become fatal for the rider.

Intersections can be especially dangerous areas for motorcycles as well. Because they are more difficult to see and anticipate than cars, it’s much more likely that a car turning left will cut off a motorcyclist than a car. A driver may not notice that a motorcycle is coming or not realize how fast the motorcyclist is going, leading the driver to turn and accidentally bring a rider dangerously close to a collision.

Lane Changes are almost as risky as intersections are for motorcyclists. Many drivers do not pay attention to their blind spots, changing lanes randomly and irresponsibly. Even if drivers do glance at their blind spots, however, motorcycles are more difficult to see than cars, so they still may not be noticed. It is important to pay attention when cars seem to be drifting over and be aware if someone is changing lanes without realizing that you are there.

Any careless or unaware actions by drivers are even more dangerous for motorcyclists. If you are riding along a city road with cars parked along the sides, it is important to watch out for opening car doors. Like turns at intersections and changing lanes, people do not always notice motorcycles. This may lead them to opening a vehicle door as you are riding past, possibly knocking you off your bike.

Alternate Causes of Motor Bike Accidents

Other cars do not cause every hazard for motorcyclists. It is common to ride on a highway and suddenly slam on the brakes because of an unexpected clog farther up the road. With motorcycles, 70% of the stopping power comes from the front brakes. This means that you are forced to use them, especially if you must stop abruptly after traveling at high speeds. Slamming on the front brakes can put the rider at risk of being thrown off the bike. It is vital to know how your motorcycle responds and how to handle it, especially if you are planning on riding speedily.

Another way motorcyclists can put themselves in danger is by taking a corner too fast. It can be difficult to judge how fast you are able to go before losing control, but turning corners is an especially dangerous practice. If you try to take a turn too fast, the motorcycle can skid out from beneath you, putting you at risk for a severe injury.

Weather and road condition are also dangerous factors for motorcyclists. Motorcycles are less stable than cars, making them more susceptible to slippage on wet or slippery roads. Poor visibility and slick roads at high speeds can put a motorcyclist at risk, as many vehicles do not exercise proper caution during rain. Similar to rain, gravel roads affect motorcycles far more than cars. Gravel lessens your grip, causing the motorcycle to begin turning or malfunctioning in unpredictable ways and increasing your likelihood of losing control.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you deserve experienced help. The attorneys at Butler Prather LLP understand the dangers that motorcyclists face on the roads and will do all we can to help you get compensation and begin your recovery. Contact us in Atlanta today for a free consultation! (404) 321-1700

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