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An accident that causes catastrophic injuries will significantly diminish your quality of life. It creates hardships that you will have to deal with every day, and you’re going to need a lot of help just to take care of yourself and manage your regular activities. Patients with catastrophic injuries usually require several rounds of specialized medical treatment and assisted living care, which generates astronomical medical expenses.

For over 35 years, the experienced Georgia catastrophic injury lawyers at Butler Prather LLP have been making things better for accident victims and their families. We’ll file a claim or a lawsuit to help you get the resources you need to pay your medical bills and cover additional expenses, such as lost income and wheelchair ramps for your home.

Our firm has won over a billion dollars in settlements and verdicts. We’ve won nine verdicts that exceed $100 million and over 60 verdicts and settlements of over $10 million.

Savannah, GA, is renowned for its beautiful neighborhoods, quaint attractions, and lovely architecture. People come from all over the world to visit Forsyth Park, the Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist, Bonaventure Cemetery, the Savannah Historic District, and other attractions. The Savannah personal injury attorneys at Butler Prather LLP will assist you so you can get back to appreciating everything Savannah has to offer.

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What Is a Catastrophic Injury?

Catastrophic injuries dramatically impair a victim’s physical mobility, mental capabilities, or both and frequently have lifelong consequences. Patients who suffer catastrophic injuries struggle to get by on a daily basis, and these injuries often cause chronic pain.

Patients with brain injuries may be forced to live with reduced mental capacity and memory loss, which can be extremely frustrating. Physical injuries, such as paralysis and limb loss, require extensive rehabilitation. The patient will have to rely on special technology to recover and learn new ways to get around.

Burns and lacerations may cause extensive scarring and disfigurement. It often requires several rounds of skin grafts and constructive surgery before a patient feels like themselves again, but sometimes the effects of these injuries cannot be completely erased.

Whiplash, nerve damage, and injuries that affect bones, muscles, ligaments, and joints may cause excruciating pain that disrupts your sleep and makes any movement difficult. Hearing and vision loss will likely make it impossible to pursue many of the activities you enjoyed before the accident.

Types of catastrophic injuries frequently suffered by accident victims include:

Careless Behavior Causes Catastrophic Injuries in Savannah, GA

Most accidents that cause catastrophic injuries are the result of somebody’s careless behavior. Accident victims and their loved ones suffer so much heartache and pain because someone failed to take simple precautions.

Examples of senseless accidents that happen when people refuse to look out for others include:

  • Car accidents. Speeding, tailgating, texting while driving, ignoring traffic signals, sudden lane changes, and other hazardous maneuvers can ruin somebody’s life in an instant.
  • Tractor-trailer accidents. A big-rig truck is heavy, unwieldy, and takes over twice as long to stop as a regular vehicle. Trucking companies must only hire safe drivers and make sure they have the necessary training to handle such a dangerous machine. These trucks also require regular maintenance and inspections to make sure brakes, tires, lights, and other safety features are working properly. Butler Prather LLP won the largest trucking accident injury verdict in U.S. history.
  • Motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles are a convenient way to get around, and they leave a much smaller carbon footprint than cars, trucks, and SUVs. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders and their passengers are much more vulnerable to serious injuries that result when careless drivers fail to pay attention to the road.
  • Product liability. A lot of people are severely harmed when companies fail to adequately test products before releasing them into the marketplace. The personal injury lawyers at Butler Prather LLP are proud of the landmark verdicts we have won in product liability cases. This includes representing drivers and passengers who were injured in fires caused by unsafe gas tanks in Jeep Cherokees.
  • Occupational hazards. Occupational diseases caused by hazardous substances and toxins in the workplace can lead to respiratory illness, hearing loss, musculoskeletal disorders, and cancer.
  • Premises liability accidents. Falls and other types of harmful accidents will occur when landlords, businesses, and property owners fail to fix broken stairs, loose handrails, inadequate lighting, lack of warning signs, broken smoke detectors, slippery floors, and other hazards.
  • DUI. There is no excuse for accidents caused by drivers whose reflexes, judgment, vision, and coordination are seriously impaired by drug and alcohol consumption.

How Your Savannah Catastrophic Injury Attorney Can Help

At Butler Prather LLP, we’ve won impressive verdicts and settlements against some of the most powerful interests in the nation. We are always thorough and vigilant when investigating the circumstances surrounding an accident that causes catastrophic injuries for one of our clients.

We know that the other side will do just about anything to avoid responsibility for their actions. They might even break the law or intimidate people. At Butler Prather LLP, we don’t back down from anybody. Our investigators will go to the accident scene and collect crucial evidence. We’re always ready to throw an injunction at anyone who’s attempting to conceal important evidence.

When our investigation is complete, we’ll file a claim or lawsuit against anyone whose negligent actions caused you harm. This may include:

  • Manufacturers, marketers, retailers, and distributors of defective products
  • Landlords and property managers
  • Trucking and delivery companies
  • Unsafe drivers
  • Contractors and public officials responsible for unsafe roadways
  • Employers who subject employers to hazardous working conditions

Were You Harmed by Somebody’s Reckless Behavior?

Butler Prather LLP genuinely cares about each and every client our Savannah catastrophic injury attorneys represent. We have based our practice solely on seeking justice for people who have been wronged. If you were seriously injured by the negligence or wrongdoing of somebody else, we want to hear about it.

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I was in a complex premises liability case involving a multinational corporations. Mr. Butler & his associates were always three steps ahead of these defendants. When they say they are "exceptional trial lawyers," this is not just a slogan but it is a way of life.”
- Zack Hendon