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Injuries at sea differ from other types of workplace injury claims. Special laws govern these types of cases and require the assistance of an experienced attorney. If you recently suffered a serious injury as the result of a boat accident, contact the Savannah maritime accident lawyers of Butler Prather LLP at (706) 322-1990 today to schedule a free review of your legal options.

We’re well-equipped to handle your maritime accident case for many reasons, a few of which include:

  • Our firm has 30 years of experience, and we’ve worked with clients in 30 states.
  • We are selective about the kinds of cases we handle, which allows us to dedicate our full attention to our client’s needs.
  • We operate on a contingency-fee basis, which means our clients never owe attorney’s fees until we win their cases.

Types and Causes of Maritime Accidents

Accidents at sea can occur in many different forms. Though these can vary widely in scope, some of the more common types of accidents we see in the area include:

  • Incidents arising on oil rigs. These offshore structures can be very dangerous and an employer’s negligent actions can lead to catastrophic injuries.
  • Accidents on commercial fishing boats. Deep sea fishing can be a dangerous profession and failing to heed weather warnings or maintain the vessel can lead to catastrophe.
  • Cruise ship accidents. Recent horror stories about food-borne illness, hostile takeovers, and malfunctioning ships have been in the news in recent years.
  • Crude oil tanker accidents. Negligent upkeep or failing to follow appropriate handling procedures can lead to disaster.
  • Shipyard accidents. These bustling places of employment can present unique hazards and lead to serious or life-threatening injury.

A maritime accident can also have many causes. On oil rigs or tankers, accidents may arise from failing to provide a safe working environment. Cruise ship accidents can occur from negligent upkeep or failure to adhere to health and safety procedures. No matter how the accident occurs, many times the injuries that result directly relate to the negligence of another party.

Who Is Liable for a Maritime Accident?

Accidents at sea involve many different kinds of liability. Specifically, these accidents can be unique because they do not follow the same procedures as workers’ compensation claims. Special legislation such as a Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act will inform liability and compensation in a maritime accident. Unlike no-fault matters of workplace injury, these accidents require a plaintiff to establish negligence in exchange for full compensation for damages.

What to Do After a Maritime Accident

A plaintiff’s actions following a maritime accident could affect his or her right to compensation. The most important actions to take include:

  • Seek appropriate medical care for injuries, no matter the cost or extent of them.
  • Never admit fault. In fact, it’s best to not speak to anyone but an attorney about the nature of the case while it’s pending.
  • Contact a Georgia personal injury attorney with specific experience in maritime laws and litigation.

Why You Need a Savannah Boat Accident Lawyer

Maritime accidents involve specialized aspects of the law and litigation. In some cases, plaintiffs will rely on domestic laws such as the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act to offer compensation in the event of a workplace accident. In others, they will look to maritime and international laws to settle insurance matters and accident claims. It’s essential to work with a law firm that has specific experience with this type of litigation.

The Savannah personal injury attorneys at Butler Prather LLP have extensive experience in maritime law and litigation. If you or a loved one suffered an injury at sea, you may be eligible for full compensation for your damages. Contact us today at (706) 322-1990 to schedule a free review of your legal options.

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- Zack Hendon