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Ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft have allowed Georgians more flexibility and convenience in the way they travel. However, an accident involving a ridesharing driver can present unique problems that lead to financial burdens for those involved. If you or a loved one recently suffered harm in an accident with a rideshare, you need the experience of a Savannah car accident lawyer. Contact the Savannah firm of Butler Prather LLP at (706) 322-1990 to schedule a free case evaluation.

Our Georgia car accident attorneys can handle the complexities of your case for a few reasons.

  • As a firm, we have more than 30 years of experience, representing clients in more than 30 states across the U.S.
  • We stand by our claims with a proven track record, securing several settlements in excess of $100 million for our clients.
  • We offer our services on a contingency-fee basis. As a client, you won’t owe any attorney’s fees unless we win a court judgment or settlement for your case.

Uber and Lyft Statistics and Georgia Insurance Law

Uber and Lyft operate in 83 countries and offer services to over 40 million riders a month. Currently, Uber represents a larger part of the market share in the United States, with 160,000 active drivers providing service. With so many drivers on the road, the possibility of being in an accident involving a rideshare is extremely high.

Ridesharing accidents fall into one of several types and a victim’s form of legal recourse will depend on the circumstances. For example, a pedestrian struck by an Uber or Lyft driver will follow a slightly different procedure than a driver who gets in an accident with a rideshare. However, both follow the basics of Georgia insurance law, which follows a tort system. When a ridesharing driver’s negligence leads to injury, then he or she will likely be financially responsible for any damages that result.

Who is Liable in a Savannah Ridesharing Accident?

One unique aspect of ridesharing accidents is that drivers are not “on the clock” at all times. As such, the claims process will depend on whether an Uber or Lyft driver was on duty at the time an accident occurred. Georgia state law requires all Uber drivers carry insurance policies that meet or exceed state minimums, regardless of whether they are on duty. On the other hand, most insurers will not cover people in accidents when they operate a motor vehicle for hire. To address this issue, Uber and Lyft offer their own coverage when a driver logs into an app or actively transports a passenger. Here is how the process works:

  • When a driver is off duty or not logged into the Uber or Lyft app, then the accident functions much like a traditional car accident claim. A victim seeks recourse from the driver’s personal policy.
  • When a driver logs into the app, he or she is “on duty.” When on duty but not transporting a passenger, both Uber and Lyft offer $25,000 in property damage and up to $100,000 in total liability coverage in the event of an accident.
  • When a driver actively transports a passenger, the insurance limits increase to $1 million in liability coverage and property damage.

Why You Need a Savannah Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Because of the complexities of liability involved, victims of Savannah Uber and Lyft accidents often benefit from an attorney to help them with their claims. Determining the nature of the driver’s duty status requires an investigation and possibly even a subpoena of their app activity. The Savannah ridesharing accident attorneys at Butler Prather LLP provide valuable assistance in determining fault in a ridesharing crash and holding the responsible parties accountable for catastrophic injuries or car accident fatalities. Contact us at (706) 322-1990 to schedule a free review of your legal options.

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